About the Western Mass Rabbit Rescue
We’re a group of dedicated people who rescue domestic rabbits, foster them, and find them their forever homes.

In the summer of 2020, Western Mass started to see increasing numbers of dumped domestic rabbits. Tipped off by social media, a group of volunteers regularly set out to rescue these abandoned pets, adhering to COVID safety protocols while humanely trapping the rabbits using exercise pens.

Today, WMRR runs a shelter in Northampton, Massachusetts as well as a foster network. We are entirely volunteer run and the shelter is available for visits by appointment only.


Our Services

Domestic Rabbit Rescue
Seen a dumped domestic rabbit in Western Mass? Take pictures and contact us. We will ask you a bunch of questions to gather information and set up a team of people to attempt a rescue.
Foster Care
Once rabbits are in our care, we foster them among volunteers in our foster network. We are always looking people to foster rabbits, so please contact us if you're interested!
All rabbits we take in are spayed and neutered once cleared by veterinarian. We do not adopt out unfixed rabbits except in very special cases. Rabbits can mate very quickly, even through bars, and can produce a litter within 30 days.
Domestic rabbits are very different than dogs and cats and have unique needs and particular diets. We teach our fosters and adopters about proper rabbit care, and look forward to doing outreach in a post-COVID future.
Rabbits are susceptible to RHDV2, or Rabbit Hemhorragic Disease, which has shown up in groups of rabbits in neighboring states. As the vaccine is not available in Massachusetts, we run routine vaccine trips to a clinic in CT to get our rabbits vaccinated.
Once our rescued rabbits have been checked out by a veterinarian, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated, they are ready for adoption! They can make wonderful companion pets, and even emotional support animals, for the right families.
Rescue. Foster. Adopt. Educate.
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